Why do I blog?

    Coz I was getting bored.Trust me, it was this very reason ,why I signed myself in for this.Started to pen down my thoughts as if, I was writing a diary. Then my friends started following  them. Tell me one human being, in the universe who dislikes being praised .So like any other self obsessed person, I took the compliments seriously.
       I was always an avid reader, scribbling was never my forte. As my number of blogs started increasing, so did my fans.They started relating to them. I had voiced, their inner thoughts with my words.They got a neutral point of view .Its a human tendency, one feels good when you realise that the turmoil, that you go through is what everyone goes through.We don’t say it out loud. My blogs said it for them.
     Keep reading guys….cos it keeps me going.Who doesn’t like having fans.
    But my most precious fan is my husband…its not everyday that your hubby praises you.

Tied down with severe gastritis last week. 7 days of agony. Not just the pain, but it turned my whole routine topsy turvy. I am quite pain intolerant, one of the laziest person to consume timely medication. So, when I was out of the whole syndrome of being unwell, the first thing I quote off late when I meet people is, ” Anything but the pain of gastritis”.
      Thats the same thing I say, when I have a migraine or dental issues.  I am not writing all this to qualify, as a big time cry baby or a cribber. Its that, we don’t seem to bother about all this, when we are hale n hearty.
       That takes me to the people who are chronically ill, bedridden…or ailments that would be with them for years to come. Theres no need to sympathise with them. Your sympathy, is not gona improve their state but make them feel more lousy.
      Thank God and your stars that you are healthy. Don’t neglect your health with the “chalta hain” attitude.That also doesn’t mean , that you go bonkers with the fear of falling ill. Remember, nobody can look after you the way, you can look after your own.

       A colleague once told me ” Learn to respect your age when its time”

Being an Agony Aunt..

A typical scene, in my OPD most of the days..One of my staff or colleagues barging in my room. ‘R you free?’ Its either about some personal issues, somebody at work torturing them, or just something random. And its me nodding my head, and they pour their heart out.It definitely is a feel good factor,that I am able to do that for them.
      But it makes me wonder, what is it that makes us, run to strangers, with our problems and not our own close ones. I mean I hardly know them, and I still know all their troubles, maybe even more than anyone close to them.What are we hesitant about? Are we apprehensive about the fact, that we are going to be judged, or we don’t want to expose our vulnerable side.How right am I gona be about the advice I give? I don’t know.So I don’t give any.I just try, to show them the other side, of a situation which they are often unaware about.
       What I gauged,from all this is that most of the time all of them just want to be heard, without any retaliation.We all need a punching bag. Its better to punch a stranger, instead of punching someone you know and end up feeling pathetic Why would I continue to be an Agony Aunt? Makes me realize the strength, that God has gifted me to remain unaffected by the identical dituations that I often face in my life.


  Desperate moments and situations that life puts you through makes one to take compromising decisions. It would feel apt at that time, but would it feel the same 10 years down the line?There is always that one doubt, at the back of your mind.Be it finding a life partner, choosing between job offers, your financial investments. We are just never sure,cos we happen to have too many options.Is that good? More options, more dilemas. And when we don’t have them, its a compromise. We would never know that, cos we can’t predict the future. Thats not our job.He’s already done it for us.

           Some believe in living in the present, and not worry about the future. Some practise otherwise.So you would definitely have 2 schools of thought here.I feel if you have the confidence and the guts to say ” I made the right decision” 10 years down the line……no decision is wrong.
       Can’t crib or fret much about the hassles that we face in our day to day lives,cos…YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW

ood things always come to an end…very true. Steph’s vacation will finally end ,in Sohar in a few days and he will be back ,to the hustling, bustling race in Mumbai. I am gona miss him; more than him may be my lifestyle ,which was back on track, at least for a few days. I will be  back to my routine also.

Whats worth pondering, is why don’t good things they last forever?  Imagine if we always had only good, happy moments in life all the time? That would definitely be a stress free, content life. That would make us happy too. But, would we actually value them? The answer would be negative. We celebrate occasions, try to capture them in pictures, freak out on our vacations cos, we never know, when we would get a chance, to replay them again.We make it a point to recollect these memories, once in a while and smile. If these moments would happen everyday, there would be no need to recollect them. They would cease, to be that precious.

  I always make it a point, that I have a look at my wedding album, once in a month. Apart from the fact, that it reminds me as to how thin, I was on my wedding day, I run the whole wedding day ,in my mind from start to end. It reminds,me of all the special people ,who attended my wedding,….of all the new additions that I have in my life today….more over it makes me smile.

Relive the happy moments, talk about them, take pictures whenever you get a chance, moreover value them…It could be a small thing as your rasgullas turning perfect, your baby taking his first step, the rose in your garden that bloomed, your husband finally remembering your birthday.They may not last forever; but they will always be a part of  your memories. Memories are priceless, the more you have, the richer you get.

Stephen just added to mine, with his vacation here.We will surely talk about it some day. Will miss him.

  Woke up as usual to rush to work.I prefer working, on the first day, rather than lazing away inside the quilt covers.Reminiscing the splendid display of fireworks from Burj Khalifa, Dubai I wished myself HAPPY NEW YEAR.
      Getting back to the traditional ritual, of making resolutions, I have made mine too…in my heart, don’t intend to reveal it, so that I can conveniently, break it.
        Wishing, hoping and above all praying for everyone that they have a year full of satisfaction and content…..leaving their regrets behind…..ALL THE BEST

      Its 6 in the evening, now here in Sohar.I am in my OPD, seeing patients and waiting for the hours, to go by to bring in 2012. New Years Eve hs turned out, much different…..surprisingly good. For starters, I hve Steph with me. I couldn’t have imagined, being alone. Whats so special or intriguing about this day? Is it the fact that the whole world, is celebrating this day universally, walking past their worries?

         The next morning, is going to be as usual as everyday.Its gona be the same sunrise, the same birds chirping, the same kitchen chores.Why does it bring a new hope into our lives? Most of us look at it, as a perfect time to make new resolutions.We see it as one more opportunity, to change our lives for good.

       Whats important, is to have this same vigour, hope, and goodwill, throughout the year. I am going to look ahead towards the next year, with anticipation as to what surprises it has for me…..