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I believe, there is no alloted or fixed time and place to pray. You just need, to have the inclination to do so. But over the years, I have realized that my prayers, always include something, that I WANT. I have, never said a prayer, where I have only THANKED. So does that make me a selfish, sinner or opportunist? I am, not one of those people who visits the church every Sunday, keep myself awake throughout the priest’s sermon, nor do I even observe the 40 day fast before Easter. I am not, the one who observes, all the commandments set by God.  So, am I entitled, to ask from God or just be happy with what I have been given?

   ” Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened unto you.” And so we ask…….so very human

     We usually resort to God when nothing else works….as if he is the last option.Why not the first?   

    I have heard people saying, that I am fasting, to please God because I want something. There are some, who say 100 Mother Mary’s and Our Father to get something. So we have resorted to the BRIBE option.

    Recently, amidst one of my most desperate moments, wherein I thought things are not gona work out, someone advised me to just think of the Almighty, before you do anything,have the faith and it will be done.  We do set out with faith but there are moments when we question that faith doubt it. But its a relief to know, that there is someone,  above, up who is trying much harder for us, than ourselves too.

   God and I, have always had a close relationship. He has always, got me out of situations that, I thought was just irreversible. He has always, given me what, I have asked for.There are times, when he has not also. I know, he is always watching over me. But, does that make me take him for granted? We take each other for granted , so why not.Thats the reason, I keep asking , demanding  & wanting.Wonder, where is all this gona end? Will I, ever be content and pray that ”I think you have done enough for me.”

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